Bring Back Vinyl. Bring Back The Memories.

I’ve always been a fan of vinyl, ever since I was a kid. I’d have this habit of pulling out some of my dad’s LPs on a Sunday after church and plugging in the turntable. I’d definitely say that my opposing and far grander taste in music can be attributed to his horrible taste in vinyl.

Donna Summer and other Disco-Divas were at the top of his list (which does tend to explain a lot, should my mum ever decided to read this) but all I can hope is that my record collection will be of a superior quality and something of which my children will appreciate and not blog horrible things about – like I am doing now…

A friend of mine, Mary, can be blamed or blessed, which ever you decide, for reigniting my passion for vinyl. I recently got it in my head that I needed to level-up in my adulthood, and so I spontaneously purchased a Crosley Cruiser.

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To start my collection, I grabbed Ella Fitzgerald off the shelf, as every collection should consist of a classic. Ella is all that I played for 3 weeks, the cracking sound of the needle spinning around the indents brought back ALL THE FEELS and nostalgia, it may have also sounded rougher than general after my bottle of wine.

So, I basically called up Mary one Sunday and made her take me to the Record Mad shop in Linden for an afternoon of vinyl hunting. We picked up some great little treasures but the one I’m most proud of was Louis Armstrong and his Five… That was until Mary surprised me with Louis doing Fats (If you remember the film “Be Kind Rewind” you’ll be familiar with the story of Fats Waller, the Jazz Muso that inspires Jack Black and Mos Def to do some pretty crazy shit but with a heartwarming result at best).

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I had the best time flipping through the store, and couldn’t have imagined any one better to have done it with. We found some old school faves, and some others that were creepy AF – like why must Ringo Star be smelling roses (He’s already creepy magnified by 1 000)!

So, if you’re looking for a weekend filler, and you happen to be in the area, then this is definitely a stop you need to make.

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