Ice-cream and Friendship

Just a few week’s ago my best friend dropped the news. “Kirst, my visa was approved!”, and as Robyn had sent that text, the inevitable had sunk to the bottom of my heart like the Titanic had that very night of April 14th, 1912.

Much like a good friend, that I try so very hard to be, and fail at so well, I responded with an imperfect, “That’s great news! We must celebrate!”. Although it may seem shallow and false, it’s more that I wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon even though I already knew it was a possibility. I was not expecting the UK Embassy to reject her request but I had just thought that maybe we’d have had more time.

To avoid talking about the obvious and inevitable departure of my best friend, I suggested we meet up to celebrate over some much needed ice-cream and cocktails of deliciousness. If anyone tells you that happy hour doesn’t involve the sweet nectar of alcohol and the beautiful display of an ice-cream bar, then you should remind them of all of life’s greatest disappointments like; drought, war, lack of education and corduroy because I can 100% assure you that cocktails and ice-cream is not one of those!

The point of this post, more than anything, is to convince myself that although Robyn will be leaving in a few week’s to begin her new adventure of self-discovery, we’ll always have cocktails and ice-cream.


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