Where there’s a view, there’s a way

We’re at the point where we’re making the little time that we have left count. Robyn leaves in just over a month, and with both of us having full-time jobs, the week days are an oceans distance out of reach, making our weekends the best we have to give.

We decided to catch up over a lunch at The Foundry, in Parkhurst with a few drinks before deciding on an afternoon “outing” as my mum would say. One of my favourite things to do is people watch, if it were an Olympic sport, I’d win Gold and have an exemplary observer record – CIA, I’m talking to you!

Just after, we decided to take the Northcliff Hill as a detour home. The thing about the Northcliff Hill for Robyn and I, is that throughout our childhood, tweens and current adulthood, the “Top of the hill” has remained somewhat of a dusty myth. It’s a bit like Big Foot or the Lochness. You know it’s there but you’re not sure how to get to it. I’ve tried for years to figure out a route, my thing was pretty basic in the sense that I thought, “I’ll just follow the general direction of up!”. Needless to say, I have never actually found a way high enough to reach the water tower… Until yesterday!

Eventually, after about 20 minutes of uphill climbing in a chugging-air-con-blasting car, we reach the top (Shamelessly with navigational assistance #SorryNotSorry). The Northcliff Hill isn’t mind-blowing nor is it a MUST do in my opinion but the sheer pleasure we felt after finding it was enough. The view of Joburg was bliss, the serenity of looking at all the Jacarandas in blossom with spurts of purple made us breathless. We were also completely out of breath because of the 500m we walked after driving up the hill.

So next time time you’re in the hood or looking for a great sunset spot, then make your way up the hill.

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