Conversations and Cream Sofas

It’s edging on 36°C here in Joburg, and whilst myself and my team are stuck behind our desks doing the work, Kuli is out in the heart of the Maboneng on a shoot for our client where she’s braving the elements (and by elements, I mean she’s sat in a car with aircon).

After a routine check-in, I asked how the shoot was going and if she’s coping in the horrible heatwave currently haunting us on Halloween. The conversation we had was not exactly what I had expected but it was damn hilarious!

Kuli, who is now pretty upset with me, has missed the irony in this, and in hopes to help her laugh at this situation I should explain why it tickles me.

The work we do, social media, is not always fun, glamorous or easy as some misconceptions may make it out to be. My team and I are required to always be “ON” and “Available” so when we get an opportunity to get out of the office and attend a shoot for the latest television commercial because we “need behind-the-scenes” footage, it’s actually rejuvenating for our souls. Social media people, by nature, are networkers. Chaining us to a desk is like forcing a whale, dolphin or a turtle to remain underwater, never allowing them to taste the freshness of open air, without that, they (us) will drown.

So on this excruciatingly bloody hot day, Kuli is stuck on location with aircon in the middle of Joburg and an overflow of Creme Soda – my favourite refreshment. But as luck should have it, she had a little autocorrect faux pas, which resulted in me filling the office with roaring laughter and a priceless screengrab of an accidental conversation involving “Cream Couches”.

We need to be set free from the confines of office walls, and need to be allowed to fly, we need to be great and as Kuli would say, “LET ME FLORISHA!”


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