This Post is Completely Irrelephant!

This year has taken off. It basically went from zero to Falcon 9 in the Space of Elon Musk (For non-NASA nerds, that’s the equivalent of SUPER EFFING FAST), and when 2017 blasted off with no sign of retreat, I had no option but to just strap in and let the pressure smash into my face while defying all principles of gravity. Before I knew it, it was time to welcome my mother back into South Africa for a short visit, as if 2017 hadn’t already been stressful enough (Love you mum… *Hides*)!

Before my mother had arrived she expressed interest in going to the Elephant Sanctuary, so I started my investigations, and eventually we booked the day out. For those that know my mother, she’s recently become absolutely obsessed with elephants, more specifically, tiny infant elephants. She’ll tag me anything baby elephant related. They could be playing in mud, hiding from the herd, getting fed, playtime with the cousins or just sleeping… The rules of elephant content sharing are unknown to my mother!

The Elephant Sanctuary, based out near Harties, is home to about 5 elephants of which all of them have been rescued. Their stories, each unique in their own special way, make you understand them a little more and even more after each touch. My mum would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an African Adventure just Sho’t Left of Joburg.


Mum’s elephant obsession was so loved that @Instagram featured the post for the #WHPloveis photo challenge where the world was exposed to snot-filled elephant trunk kisses on mum’s face.

In short, this has to be one of my favourite stress relievers and all is right with the world again.


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